20-day Nairobi to Livingstone with G Adventures We’ve always wanted to take an African adventure and given we had just received approval for a one-year leave of absence from work, this was the perfect opportunity. Deciding to GO was one major decision down. Who to go WITH was a much tougher decision and unfortunately, we were unable to find an abundance of resources online to help! We are hoping that this review will help those who… Read More

Malawi October 21-25, 2014 Sometimes referred to as ‘Calendar Lake’ because it’s approximately 365 miles long and nearly 52 miles wide, Lake Malawi is known for a couple of things; one being its sheer size and two being that it is home to the most species of fish of any lake in the world. And after our visit there, it’s also famous for its lake flies. We spent four nights in Malawi… Read More

Nairobi, Kenya October 11-13, 2014 Once the Captain turned on the seatbelt sign and announced our descent into Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, he also turned on the butterflies in our stomachs. In four short hours we had gone from the glitz and glamour of Dubai to the grit and chaos of Nairobi. We were nervous, but prepared. Not just for Nairobi, but the for the upcoming 26-day journey that would take us some… Read More

Dubai, United Arab Emirates October 10, 2014 Smack dab in the center of the Middle East, Dubai, United Arab Emirates is one of the safest and most prosperous places on earth. We chose to fly Emirates Airlines for our flights from Istanbul to Nairobi and from Cape Town to Bangkok for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they were competitively priced with Qatar Airways and Etihad; and secondly, it would take us to Dubai, a place we’ve always… Read More

Dubrovnik, Croatia – September 20 – 23, 2014 Dubrovnik is likely the most popular tourist destination in Croatia and after spending a couple of days in the area, it is easy to see why. Dubrovnik and its walled Old City is spectacular, perched on the Adriatic Sea with Srd Mountain providing a backdrop. It is a popular destination for Mediterranean cruises so when that ship docks, you can expect an influx of thousands of tourists!

Apologies for the short hiatus from our blog! It was for good reason, as we spent nearly a month camping in Africa where WIFI is not a priority. We started in Kenya and visited Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia before spending a few days in Cape Town. We will be posting about this amazing adventure, but first to catch up on a few short stops we made before making our way to Africa! Venice, Italy –… Read More

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