20-day Nairobi to Livingstone with G Adventures We’ve always wanted to take an African adventure and given we had just received approval for a one-year leave of absence from work, this was the perfect opportunity. Deciding to GO was one major decision down. Who to go WITH was a much tougher decision and unfortunately, we were unable to find an abundance of resources online to help! We are hoping that this review will help those who… Read More

Salzburg (& Vienna), Austria – October 4 – 10, 2014 The Eurolines bus ride from Sarajevo to Vienna was, well, long. I’m not really sure how else to describe it. It was about 13 hours and six border checkpoints. However, 13 hours doesn’t feel as long when it takes you through four countries and you can watch the gradual shift in landscape, society and culture as you travel northwest through Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and into… Read More

We spent about 36 hours in Sarajevo, one of our shortest stays in any city on our trip to-date although, it was likely the most rewarding. This post is a little longer than the others, but it was hard not to share our experience.

Rough landing We boarded a bus in Zagreb for Pula, a four hour bus ride.

August 23-28, 2014 When we arrived in Prague, we were pretty exhausted from all the going. Every city has a lengthy list of things to see so naturally you try to do everything. We knew when we started the trip that we wouldn’t be able to see everything, for a couple of reasons… 1 – budget and 2 – burnout.

When we left for our RTW trip, we had only planned the first ten days in Ireland and Brussels. After that, we would book as we go, giving us the freedom to change plans or add new places to the itinerary. When we searched for the cheapest flights out of Brussels, Barcelona topped the list so off we went.