We spent about 36 hours in Sarajevo, one of our shortest stays in any city on our trip to-date although, it was likely the most rewarding. This post is a little longer than the others, but it was hard not to share our experience.

August 23-28, 2014 When we arrived in Prague, we were pretty exhausted from all the going. Every city has a lengthy list of things to see so naturally you try to do everything. We knew when we started the trip that we wouldn’t be able to see everything, for a couple of reasons… 1 – budget and 2 – burnout.

Budapest: Courtyard Budapest City Centre

Bruxelles, Belgium August 3 – 6, 2014 Both Jess and I have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit prior to this trip so one would think we would know a thing or two about transport to and from the airport. And not only to and from the airport, but we’d usually know which airport we are flying into and out of. Welcome to Brussels!

DUBLIN: Bewley’s Hotel, Dublin Airport

Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Limerick

Things are getting REALLY real now. We officially sold our house last month. After weeks of painting, packing, cleaning and decorating, it’s done! What’s even better, is that it sold after less than 24 hours on the market! While we are so excited to hit the road, we are definitely going to miss this house, our first house together, which has some pretty special memories attached to it. Now we’ve got two months… Read More