Venice in pictures!

Apologies for the short hiatus from our blog! It was for good reason, as we spent nearly a month camping in Africa where WIFI is not a priority. We started in Kenya and visited Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia before spending a few days in Cape Town. We will be posting about this amazing adventure, but first to catch up on a few short stops we made before making our way to Africa!

Venice, Italy – September 17 – 19, 2014 Jess and I had made the decision in August to remove Italy from our RTW plans and save it for a future trip. We felt that Italy deserved a proper visit and that to truly experience it, we would need at least couple of weeks and a little more spending money. Plus, like most of Europe, Italy is pretty accessible from Canada so we are confident we’ll be back in the not so distant future.


The Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge. We did not post a photo of the bridge itself because you could barely see it with all of the tourists. It is definitely worth an early morning visit. Next time.

We had been in Croatia for about three weeks and were planning a small, week-long road trip from Split, Croatia to Slovenia and given that Venice was only about a three hour detour from our planned route, we decided to include a two-day stop in Venice. Staying on the island was not an option for us as accommodations were extremely expensive (perhaps Mr. Clooney’s wedding helped to jack up prices. His celebrity guests were arriving while we were there). Not to worry though, there are many places to stay on the mainland and public transit is extremely efficient in getting you to Venice. Our accommodations were in Mestre which is a 25-30 minute bus ride into Venice. Given this short stay in such an amazing city, we had to maximize our time so immediately after checking in at our B&B we headed straight into Venice with time enough to get a few photos before sunset. We walked to all the popular tourist sites including Piazza San Marco, the Rialto Bridge, the Grand Canal and the Bridge of Sighs. We did have pasta and wine, but only from touristy restaurants so it was nothing special. We both agreed that the best meal we had in Venice was authentic italian gelato from Grom. Amazing. All in all, Venice was a 36-hour photo shoot for us. It’s simply not enough time to experience the city. Needless to say, we will be back for seconds. Venice in photos below, hope you enjoy!


Bridge of Sighs


Venetian Spritz – prosecco, liquer and sparkling water. Followed our morning coffee


St. Mark’s Square


On the Grand Canal outside St. Mark’s Square with St. Maria of Salute Basilica in the distance


What a beauty!

DSC02995 DSC02975 DSC02959 DSC02940 DSC02848 DSC02838 DSC02821 DSC02787 DSC02781 DSC02776 jess + trickett Note: For permission to use photos posted on this or other blog posts, please contact finelinetravels.


8 Comments on “Venice in pictures!

  1. I’m glad you got to see it but you’re right to do Italy justice you need more time 🙂 However, you have some amazing photos, wow Trickett, you are learning a lot. You will be making lots of prints from these fantastic shots, I may even have to purchase a few 😉 Ciao!

  2. Absolutely love your blog, makes me feel like I am visiting with you…thanks for sharing…looking forward to your next venture…

  3. Steven you may not even need to go back to Deloitte at all lol, you could go straight into international photography !

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