Welcome to Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina!

Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina – October 1 – 2, 2014 A short drive from Makarska and a common day trip destination from Dubrovnik and the Croatian coast, sits Mostar. Mostar is a small and extremely picturesque town that was nearly completely destroyed during the Bosnian war from ’92-’95 and has slowly been restored over the years.


River in Mostar’s Old Town


One of the remaining damaged buildings

We spent one night in Mostar on our way to Sarajevo and managed to find last minute accommodations at Goa Mostar, which is right on the Neretva River with an amazing view of Stari Most or the Old Bridge. After standing for over 400 years, the Old Bridge was completely destroyed on November 9, 1993 during the war. Since then, the bridge has been restored, re-opened in 2004 and is now the main attraction in Mostar.


View from the top of the minaret at the Koski Mehmed Mosque!



View of Stari Most from our apartment. You can see the Koski Mehmed minaret in the background

I happened to be at the mosque during a call to prayer. Here’s a short video (apologies for the shaky hand. There was a 3 ft. high wall separating me from the river below!: https://vimeo.com/108453409   In Mostar, we got our first introduction to Bosnia hospitality. Our host at Goa Mostar gave us restaurant recommendations and cooked us an amazing traditional Bosnian breakfast, which we enjoyed with the couple from Michigan who were also staying at the Airbnb. We went for dinner at a restaurant right next to the Old Bridge called Irma-Tima and our host was right; we received huge portions of traditional Bosnian food! It was heavy, but delicious.


Ćevapčići (left) and huge mixed meat platter!


Breakfast prepared by our host. Traditional Bosnian coffee, ratatouille, eggs with local cream and fresh squeezed pomegranate juice

Mostar is very accessible as there are always day trips and tour buses coming from Dubrovnik, Split and Makarska in Croatia. We caught the 11 AM bus from Makarska’s main bus terminal which was en route to Sarajevo. It’s a pretty easy drive as well if you’re up for experiencing driving in Bosnia! Mostar is just two hours from Dubrovnik if driving yourself, but allow at least three if going by bus. If Mostar was any indication of what to expect in Sarajevo, we knew we were in for a real treat (good food for sure). jess + trickett


5 Comments on “Welcome to Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina!

  1. You are experiencing travel the best way. Taking your time, visiting where you want to, with no time restraints. Experiencing local culture. I envy you both. What tales you’ll have to tell your children. Enjoy.

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