We’re taking a career break!

2013 was a big year for us. We got married, turned the big 3-0, and spent an unforgettable month-long honeymoon in Australia. We both love to travel, and we thought our trip to Australia in December 2013 would take care of that travel bug we’d been trying to fight off. Little did we know, it would do the complete opposite

Sydney Opera House. Check out our Honeymoon Shirts!

Sydney Opera House. Check out our Honeymoon Shirts!

Fast forward three months: we’ve sold our house, have the green light to take a career break, and we’re getting ready to TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD!

For us, travelling is our happy place. We love the excitement a new city brings and can’t wait to take off on this new adventure! Our itinerary includes parts of Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. If we are lucky, we will also sneak in a couple of destinations in South and Central America. Our plan also includes some stops to spend time volunteering. We’ll share more of our plan when we can. Stay tuned!


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