Roadtrip! Pittsburgh to Newfoundland via Portland

July 3 was my last day of work so that evening Jess and I were on the road from Pittsburgh heading east toward Newfoundland; the first leg of our nearly 3,600 KM road trip.  At the same time as us, Hurricane Arthur was heading up the eastern seaboard toward Atlantic Canada and we finally caught up with him in Portland, Maine. Despite the rain, we instantly felt a connection with the Portland. Perhaps it was the RDF (rain, drizzle, and fog) and the endless pubs and restaurants on Commercial Street.

A colleague of mine in Pittsburgh had been raving about the Lobster rolls in here so we braved the rain and found Dry Dock Restaurant and Tavern for a pint and delicious lobster roll.


As Arthur, Jess and I continued heading east, we decided to make a pit stop in Bangor for another lobster roll, this time at McLaughlin’s Seafood, Inc. on the advice of my barber at the mall in Bangor (it was time for a haircut).  McLaughlin’s is a small seafood market with a drive in restaurant attached serving amazing fresh, local lobster and other seafood.


Overall, Maine was absolutely beautiful and we definitely could have spent a few extra days there.

From Bangor, we headed to Fredericton, NB where we decided to spend the night.  Arthur had pummeled Fredericton that day so power was intermittent meaning all the restaurants were jam-packed.  The Fredericton Inn had power and a room available so that’s where we decided to stay. Frankly, the place doesn’t look like much from the outside but it had an incredibly homey feel, it was clean and the service was great, despite being overwhelmingly busy. Not sure we’ll be back to Fredericton, but we highly recommend this hotel if visiting.

From Fredericton we continued east toward Halifax where we had the chance to visit my sister Melanie and some good friends before making the 5 hour drive to Sydney where we were lucky enough to visit friends there as well.



The ferry across from North Sydney to Port aux Basques was uneventful.  We docked at 6 PM and made it to Aunt Donna and Uncle Rick’s cabin on Badger Lake where we spent the night, passing two moose along the way.


The drive ended in St. John’s on July 10 after a stopover in Harbour Grace. Overall it was uneventful and we were both happy to get out of the car and ready begin our journey… first stop, Newfoundland.

jess + trickett


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