One week in Pittsburgh

Steven has been working in Pittsburgh for the last few months, so for his last week, I came down to hang out before our big road trip home to Newfoundland. Before coming down, I had big plans for my days while Steven was working. Heading into downtown, exploring the city on my own, taking lots of pictures, etc. etc…

How did the week actually turn out? I slept in. I watched Netflix. I did some travel planning online. I checked Facebook. I wrote a couple of blog posts. Then I checked Facebook again.  I did make it to the gym a couple of times, but for the most part, my days were lazy and unproductive.

In the evenings, however, we did get out and check out some of the things that Pittsburgh has to offer. We went to a Pittsburgh Pirates game at PNC Park which is located on the North Shore and has amazing views of the Pittsburgh skyline from just about every seat. I’m not a huge baseball fan, but the stadium was pretty cool! They even had a gluten free hot dog stand. While it wasn’t the best hot dog I’ve ever had, they still get some bonus points.

DSC00206 DSC00210

Last night we went to a nice Italian restaurant called Mario’s Family Restaurant for a farewell dinner, as it was Steven’s last night with the guys from work. It was nice to finally meet them, as I have heard lots about them over the last few months. They are a pretty quiet bunch 😉 but we still managed to have a laugh or two. Here is a picture of the group (not the best quality from our I-Phone).


We have officially kicked off our road trip so we’ll post some updates soon!



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