The ‘Sunny’ Coast

The Sunshine or ‘Sunny’ Coast stretches about 2 and a half hours to the north of Brisbane. Noosa is a holiday / vacation town on the Sunny Coast about an hour north of Brisbane. The area is pretty ‘fancy’ and its main street, Hastings St., is lined with restaurants, cafés and upscale shopping. Hastings Street almost got us in the Christmas spirit with its Christmas lit trees and shops playing Christmas music. The main beach in Noosa is awesome; no crowds, no seaweed, and no ‘mossies’ (mosquitos – the Aussies like to shorten their words) and this is where we parked for the first two days.


The Jump
After a couple of beach days it was time to spice it up a bit, given its our honeymoon and all. So at 10 AM on Wednesday December, 18th I took to the skies in a yellow single engine Cessna. After reaching 10,500 feet, the door opened and my guide and I plummeted toward Coolum Beach below hitting 208 km/h before the chute opened (after 45 seconds of freefall). Freefall is pretty amazing, nothing like I had imagined. The only downfall was that I couldn’t collect Aeroplan points for the flight! jk


The Surf
Australia is famous for surfing, but until we reached Noosa as we travelled south, there was no real opportunity to give it a try. This is because the Great Barrier Reef, which sits off the coast, prevents any real ‘surf’ from reaching the shore from the northern tip of the Country down to just north of the Sunshine Coast.

Since about September, Jess has been talking about standing up on that surfboard so on Thursday the 19th, we headed back to Coolum Beach for our surf lesson. Jess didn’t know she was entering into a competition that morning. I would for sure stand up on that board before she did. Not the case. In fact, Jess stood up on her 2nd wave and the instructor insisted that I ‘watch what Jess is doing’ in order to do the same. Now that we have the basics, you’ll see more surf pictures as we work our way south.

DSCN1470.jpg 9am-1.jpg 9am-4.jpg 9am-21.jpg

On our last night in Noosa, we arrived back at our house to find this guy waiting for us on the porch.


You can imagine the nights sleep we had after this sighting. Apparently its a Huntsman Spider and although it can give a nasty bite, it doesn’t possess enough venom to kill a human. Thats great hey?

Next stop is Byron Bay for the weekend, before heading off to Melbourne for Christmas on the beach!



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