Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation, Queensland

Daintree Rainforest & Cape Tribulation

December 2013

Thursday we woke up to some RDF (that is rain, drizzle and fog for fellow mainlanders), but given the temperature had already hit 25C and we were heading for the worlds largest rainforest, we weren’t too worried about it. Our 4×4 picked us up at our motel at 7 AM and we headed north from Cairns up the coast past Port Douglas, Mosman and into the Daintree. Our first stop was at the Daintree river where we took a guided boat tour through the croc infested waters in search of ‘salty’s’ (Saltwater Crocs). We spotted a couple, but they were only about 3 feet long.


Next we stopped at a small nature reserve that help to rehabilitate injured kangaroos. While there, we got to feed them and enjoy a BBQ lunch. After lunch, we continued further north through the jungle to a small creek where our guides prepared fresh fruits and Daintree tea for us while we when for a dip in the creek.


Stay tuned for an update on our Whitsunday island cruise…!

jess + steven


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